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An exclusive hands on mastermind & coaching program. This is literally a hands on mastermind where you work directly with the mentors. Taking action is a requirement to learn and be a part of the program.


Have a challenging property? The experts at IPA4REI are happy to JV to bring a deal to fruition.


Banks, Servicers, Brokers and anyone else who would like our consulting services feel free to reach out.

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Want to learn how to provide seller solutions? Check out our courses covering a variety of property acquisition techniques.


Want to become a certified pre-foreclosure professional? The industry needs more individuals like us. Why not join the team and add the certification to your business.


IPA4REI offers the most trusted and active community across the country. There are no egos... only action within.


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Our Team

William Bonnell

With an illustrious 23-year career and a heritage spanning four generations, William Bonnell embodies the essence of real estate mastery. He has accumulated an impressive portfolio of properties using diverse techniques like Lease Options, Short Sales, Subject To, and Wholesale. Since 2006, William has shared his knowledge as a mentor, guiding agents and investors toward success with his solution-oriented approach. His charismatic teaching style has made him a sought-after expert, helping individuals achieve their real estate aspirations.

Rick Hamrick

Seamlessly transitioning from a software career of over 20 years, Rick Hamrick infuses innovation into the world of real estate. His technical acumen and strategic sales leadership roles have propelled him to leverage cutting-edge technologies, including advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques. In 2016, Rick ventured into real estate investing, channeling his solution-driven mindset into assisting distressed sellers and fellow enthusiasts. With a fusion of technological prowess and a genuine passion for real estate, Rick pioneers change and provide innovative solutions for complex challenges in the industry.

I'm very excited about being a part of IPA 4 REI. What William and Rick have put together here is different than other groups I've been a part of. I love the hands on approach to educating they've chosen. Not only are we learning how to grow a healthy and sustainable RE business in any mkt environment but specifically, we're able to JV with them on deals in the "forced sale" sphere that most investors struggle to get to the closing table. It's also a big plus that the group doesn't charge an arm and a leg to join. If you're serious about building a long term RE business, I suggest you join. - Robert, REI - Miami, FL

This group will teach you how to successfully navigate some of the most complex real estate deals in creative and ethical ways. Help homeowners out of problem properties by helping with pre-foreclosure sales, estate sales, probated property, and negotiate code and IRS liens. Hands-on mentorship at its finest with classes and coaching calls- if you ever wanted to level up in your real estate career- this is the group for you! - M M, REI - St. Petersburg, FL

I strongly recommend IPA 4 REI. I have worked with others in the industry. Rick and William uniquely stand out because of their abundance mentality, willingness to provide education that guides you every step of the way. Their understanding of short-sales, creative solutions, lender processes, homeowner’s challenges and how to work for a mutually beneficial goal for all involved is outstanding! I have been learning and growing in my own real estate consulting business with their leadership and partnership! I am confident that if you are looking to grow your real estate business, you would be a great fit. They quickly become an asset in all aspects and help you grow in any way they can! - Alicia, REI - Kansas City

Don't sign up...is what I would love to say to keep this group all to myself! There is an unfathomable wealth of knowledge in this group with easy, fast access to the most troubling questions. If you are serious about real estate, this miniscule monetary investment is what you have been searching for. -

Greg, REI - Tulsa, OK

Anthony, REI - Charleston, SC

Charlita, REI - Atlanta, GA

Pat, REI - Switzerland

Clyde, Agent/Investor - Atlanta, GA

Matt and Aaron, REI/LO - Cherry Hill, NJ

Robert, Investor - Miami

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